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I have expanded what I offer to include DIY Art Kits that anyone in the family will enjoy! Creative and exciting, art kits are a perfect outlet for kids to express themselves or just go wild! The canvases have a wooden frame and can be immediately hung up to showoff.

Each kit comes with a blank stretched canvas size of your choosing: 5×7, 8×10, or flat 5×7 canvas panel; and a set of paint also of your choosing: Tempura (washable), Acrylic (Permanent), or Watercolor.

Each panel kit includes:

One (1) Canvas type (5×7, 5×7 flat panel, or 8×10)
One (1) basic paintbrush (for 5×7 kits only) OR One (1) set of 10 Paintbrushes (8×10 kits only)
One (1) plastic palette
One (1) set of paint (tempura, acrylic, or watercolor)
One (1) Cloth and tie apron (colors vary)

Acrylic paints come in a set of 6 basic colors. Customized paint sets are available, just include the numbers you would like in your order.

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8×10 Canvas Kit

Select a Paint Set & Get Started

Prices start at $7.50

5×7 Canvas Kit

Select a Paint Set & Get Started

Prices start at $6

5×7 Canvas Panel

Select a Paint Set & Get Started

Prices start at $4

TeeS, Decor, and Apparel

Visit my Lost & Found apparel store for a variety of products and styles.

*Professional Modeling Gnome not for sale 😉

How we spent Easter together today. We did something a little different. We received a painting set and spent some time outside getting some fresh air and relaxing. They loved it and was something great for us to do. A nice little break away from playing video games. Our set came with brushes, canvas, paints, a smock for Ava and Ezra and a dish to put your paint in. You can order your own set from https://www.facebook.com/LostandFoundShopPA/She ships to you and is a very sweet lady.

Nitza S.

My daughter LOVED the art kit she received! Made a little picnic for and for her to paint outside and draw inspiration from it, and she did an amazing job!!! These kits are a lot of fun to do with your kids to let their imagination run wild!!!

Jen M.

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