Hello. World.

So first and foremost. It’s important that we skip introductions, because intrigue is always a sweeter deal. Curious minds think freely after all. Maverick Mom is a pursuit of passion, I want to share the best, personal, and sometimes just creative moments of a life altogether too mundane for comment. Perhaps the “World” will agree, perhaps they will shrug and pass by, or maybe it will become something more. I am perpetually waiting for the unknown.

It was the beginning of a monumental  event just 46 minutes ago, I began the first 2 hours of my ALONE time in what must be nearly 7 years! No small ones yelling, dancing, or vying for attention to impress us (my husband and I). No husband…meaning no “us” time to consume the sliver of time that Chronos himself must have glanced at twice while reviewing the multiple ways we all kill ourselves slowly. (No endless Facebook feeds, “breaking news” from reality TV when I really wanted serious news, no political satire because the real events are parodies of themselves anyway.)

Just. Me. Here. Coffee. Music (uncensored). Please let this last forever ∞

Every week I should add to my lil sliver of Chronos (Grecian and beautiful, like a toga-clad centerfold) here with you ♦

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